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Airgun rifles are an effective and powerful alternative to firearms. At Roots Outdoors, our selection of airgun rifles includes powerful options that are suitable for hunting down small game. Discover our selection today to get your hands on a powerful airgun rifle.

Airgun Rifles: For Stealthy Hunting

When hunting in the peaceful silence of the deep woods, even the slightest noise is enough to spook prey. When shooting firearms from a distance, the noise of the bullet running through the air can cause prey to jump and shots to be missed. Not only that, but it can cause prey in the area to flee.

For smaller game, airgun rifles offer a stealthy hunting alternative with minimal firing noise. While airgun rifles don‘t boast the same power as firearms, they’re an effective way to hunt small game. Airgun rifles are also typically less expensive than firearms and significantly easier to purchase with fewer restrictions, making them a convenient and accessible option for hunting and recreational shooting.

Airgun Rifles: Different Calibers for Different Game

Airgun rifles come in a range of calibers. And, the type of game you intend to hunt will determine the caliber you require. The traditional school of thought states that 0.177 is suitable for feathered animals, while 0.22 and 0.25 are best suited for fur animals.

The 0.25 caliber is a popular choice for hunting small fur game. 0.25 caliber airgun rifles offer plenty of power, and the heavier weight in 0.25 means stable shots that are reliable and accurate. For fast shots that are reliable and powerful enough to be lethal to small game, 0.25 caliber airgun rifles are an excellent option.

At Roots Outdoors, our selection includes several airgun rifles suitable for different types of game hunting. Shop our selection today!



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