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When you’re shooting in the woods, accuracy is everything. At Roots Outdoors, we know how important it is for archers to have a high-quality sight to hit their targets accurately and reliably. That’s why, we carry a selection of top-of-the-line scopes and sights. So, whether you’re a hunter shooting live targets in the woods, or an archery enthusiast practicing at the range, we’ve got the gear you need to improve your shot!

Our selection includes sights from Trophy Ridge, HHA, Spot Hogg, Garmin and crossbow scopes from Ten Point and Hawke.


What kind of bow sight is best?

The type of sight you choose will depend greatly on both your preferences and skill level. For beginners, multi/fixed-pin sights are a good option. They’re easy to use and don’t require adjustments. You can simply aim and shoot. This means they’re both faster to shoot and stealthier for hunting in the woods. Our Trophy Ridge Volt is a great option for beginners, as it uses a fixed 5-pin sight!

For more advanced archers, our Trophy Ridge Digital React Trio is an excellent multi-pin option that uses technology to adjust your pins and yardage indicators, improving accuracy and reducing guesswork!

Despite the ease of use of multi/fixed-pin sights, single-pin sights offer the most accuracy! Single-pin sights allow you to use your sight tape to set the exact distance of your shot, meaning you’ll be able to hit targets with maximum precision. Despite the increased precision, adjusting the pin means adding time to your shot, which can be a detriment when shooting moving targets. Our Trophy Ridge React One Pro is a great best-selling single-pin option!



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