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Calm waters and high tides are a fisherman's dream. But without a top-notch rod and the right accessories, your efforts are likely to fall short. At Roots Outdoors, we carry a vast variety of fishing equipment, from the basics to the accessories you didn’t know you needed.

Our selection includes everything from Berkley Cherrywood fishing rods to 13 Fishing Origin F1 reels and lures to suit every condition. For the fisher or the fly fisher, we’ve got the gear you need.


What length of a fishing rod is best?

When choosing a fishing rod, length matters! Though we carry a variety of lengths, most fall within the medium length category, 6’ 6”, 6' 10”, and 7’. In general, these are great all around fishing rods that offer versatility. So, if you’re looking for one rod to see you through a variety of fishing scenarios, our medium length rods get the job done!

How do I know what lure to use?

Like many things, choosing the right lure isn’t straightforward. It depends on many factors, namely the kind of fish you’re hoping to catch, your fishing location, weather, and seasonality.

In general, you should choose a lure that mimics the colour of the fish's prey. In terms of location, while lures work great in freshwater, they’re likely to disappoint in saltwater. When it comes to weather, lighter coloured lures are ideal for sunny days, while muted lures perform best when it’s overcast. Lastly, you’ll want to adjust your lure as the water temperature rises. During heat waves, faster moving lures like the crankbait come out on top!

While there is some methodology to choosing the right lure, some of it comes down to personal preference and experience. Luckily, we carry a wide variety.



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