Midsize Rage Bug 3.38" - Bama Craw

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The Strike King Midsize Rage Bug Soft Bait may be one of the most versatile bass baits on the market, according to pro angler Todd Castledine, who pitches it and casts it, as well as uses it as a trailer on a structure jig. Setting the 3 3/8 inches thin crawfish body on a worm hook is a piece of cake for Texas rigging. The four appendages create hot action under the water. The mid size Rage Bug adds to its utility as a topwater bait in the shallow edges of lakes and ponds because the flat profile creates a deadly wake. No doubt you already know that the Rage Bug can be one of the essential baits in your boat. This scaled-down version of the Strike King Rage Bug and its larger Magnum cousin makes just as large of a presence under the water. For a remarkable creature soft plastic for pitching around cover and punching mats, try the versatile Strike King Midsize Rage Bug Soft Bait!

  • Rage Tail technology giving the bait action like no other soft plastic
  • The 3.38 in. Rage Bug as requested by some of Strike King's top Pros
  • Perfect to be used as a small profile flipping bait for pressured fish
  • Excellent as a trailer for a smaller jig
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Strike King Midsize Rage Bug Soft Bait is made in the U.S.A.

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