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Arrows are designed to hit targets when the moment of truth strikes. And, when selecting a set of arrows, it’s essential to consider what type will best suit your needs. Hitting targets for recreation will require different arrows than hunting game in the woods. Available in a range of materials, weights, and types of arrow points, at Roots Outdoors, our selection of arrows has something for every kind of archer.

Broadhead Arrows for Extreme Accuracy

Designed for accuracy, broadhead arrows are the best choice for hunters. Their blade design is such that the broadhead blades are initially folded in for an aerodynamic design. This design feature allows the arrow to fly through the air accurately and rapidly. Once the broadhead arrow makes contact with prey, the kill is both fast and humane.

At Roots Outdoors, our selection includes a variety of broadhead arrows in singles and multipacks to arm you with all the gear you need to hit the woods and hunt.

Carbon Fiber Arrows for Durability and Speed

Carbon fiber arrows allow for maximum speed and durability. When it comes to hunting prey, durable arrows are vital. When your arrow impacts with your kill, it’s vital that you have an arrow that is durable and resilient on impact.

Carbon fiber arrows are light in weight, incredibly strong, compatible with nearly any bow, and rarely crack upon impact. Their incredible strength coupled with their reliable durability means that you can reuse your carbon fiber arrows over and over again!

Whether you’re shopping for archery arrows to practice hitting targets, or you’re on the market for a devastatingly lethal broadhead arrow, at Roots Outdoors our selection has it all.



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